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Robbie Williams / Jonathan Wilkes - Me And My Shadow Sheet Music - Big Band Arrangement / Chart : Robbie Williams Image

Robbie Williams / Jonathan Wilkes - Me And My Shadow Sheet Music - Big Band Arrangement / Chart : Sample Image


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A note-for-note transcription of the Steve Sidwell arrangement recorded by Robbie Williams and Jonathan Wilkes as featured on the Swing When You're Winning album. This is a cheeky re-working of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr's famous buddy anthem, but given a 21st century twist. It includes the reprise section as on the CD track. Arranged for 5444 big band, complete with score and parts.

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Johnny and Robbie!

Youth, why are you talking like that, we're from Stoke!

I know, but I can't stop here, Pally.


Like the wallpaper sticks to the wall,

And like the sea shark clings to the sea,

Like you'll never get rid of your shadow,

You'll never get rid of me.

(Both) Let all the others fight and fuss,

Whatever happens, we've got us.


A-me and my shadow,

(Closer than pages that stick in a book,

We're closer than ripples that flow in a brook)

Strolling down the avenue, oh, oh.

(Wherever you'll find him, you'll find me, just look,

Closer than a miser, all the bloodhounds turn eyes on me)

(Closer than smog is to all of L.A.,

Closer than Ricky to confessing he's gay!)

And my shadow.

(Both) Not a soul can bust this team in two,

We stick together like glue.

And when it's sleeping time,

That's when we rise,

We start to swing,

Ho ho ho, you think you're so jazz, you!

Ha ha ha ha, clocks don't chime,

What a surprise,

(Both) A-they ring a-ding ding,

Happy new year,

Me and my shadow,

(And not to repeat what I said at the start,

They'll need a large crowbar to break us apart)

(Both) We're alone but far from blue, woh, oh.

Before we get finished we'll make the town roar,

We'll hit a few late spots and then a few more,

(Both) We'll start out at Strinky's and maybe Groucho,

Life is gonna be a-wow wow wee

For my shadow and me.