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Dr. John / Rickie Lee Jones - Makin' Whoopee! Sheet Music - Big Band Arrangement / Chart : Sleepless In Seattle Image

Dr. John / Rickie Lee Jones - Makin' Whoopee! Sheet Music - Big Band Arrangement / Chart : Sample Image


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A note-for-note transcription of the Grammy award winning arrangement recorded by Dr. John and Rickie Lee Jones, featured in the film Sleepless In Seattle and on the soundtrack album. All instrumental parts are fully notated, including the piano solos and fills, and the actual rhythm guitar chords played. The synth horn chords have been given to the trombones, which fills out their otherwise sparse contribution nicely. Vocally, this version is very adaptable and can be sung by a solo male vocalist, a solo female vocalist, or as a male / female duet as on the original recording. Arranged for 5444 big band, complete with score and parts.

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Another bride, another groom,

Another sunny honeymoon,

Another season, another reason

For makin' whoopee!


A lot of shoes, a lot of rice,

The groom is nervous, he answers twice,

It's really killing that he's so willing

For makin' whoopee!


Picture a little love nest

down where the roses swing.

Picture that same sweet love nest,

Then what the years can bring.


He's washing dishes and baby clothes,

he's so ambitious, he even sews,

So don't forget, folks, that's what you get, folks,

For makin' Whoopee!


Another year, or maybe less,

What's this I hear, well can't you guess,

She feels neglected and he's suspected

Of makin' whoopee!


She sits alone most every night,

He doesn't phone, he doesn't write,

He says he's busy, but she say, 'Is he?',

He's makin' whoopee!


He doesn't make much money,

only five thousand per,

Some judge who thinks he's funny

Says, 'You pay six to her'.


Now he says, 'Judge, suppose I fail?',

Judge says, 'Budge right into jail!',

You'd better keep her, yeah, I think it's cheaper

Than makin' whoopee!

Than makin' whoopee!

Than makin' mm mm,

Makin' oo, oo oo,

Makin' mm.